Posted by: Dennis | August 7, 2007

Editing Flex application settings

Perhaps not many of you know how to change the default settings of a flex application. You might be very comfortable with what you have right now you even haven’t wondered whether there is such a possibility. Those of you who have, must have googled it already and found the answer, but here is a quick tip for those who haven’t:

  • Right-Click on you project folder > Properties or go to Project menu > Properties
  • Click ActionScript Compiler
  • Fill in, for example “-default-background-color #FFFFFF” in the field labeled: “Additional Compiler Arguments”, this will set the background color to white

Here are some other settings (followed by allowed arguments, and by the way, flex will tell you how many arguments it expects once you type in a setting):
-default-frame-rate 31
-default-size 800 600
-default-script-limits 5000 10

It took me a while to find the complete list, here is the link : About the mxmlc application compiler options

From what I’ve found there some important features are – changing the default output folder and file name/path, some font manipulation, external libs, as3 encoding, etc.

I hope it’s helpfull in any way!

Have fun coding!



  1. Thanks, it was very hepfull for me

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