Posted by: Dennis | July 29, 2008

My first struggle with Red5 server

Have you ever seen the following errors while developing your first red5 application:
No scope “something” on this server

If yes than may be you’ll find this post somewhat helpful…

As any flex developer I had eventaly come across a project that needed server side support. Since Red5 is free, this is what everyone uses, right?
Ok, great – a quick google search brought me to
Latest version – 0.7, took 1 minunte to download.
Installed, tried runninng the demos – nothing worked. It appeares, the apache and coldfusion servers where conflicting with red5.
Stopped the apache and coldfucion services – the demos worked, played around with the ball demo.
Trying to follow a tutorial from confused me a little. The guy was talking about several ways of deploying your applications on the server and none of them worked for me. Why?
First of all, trying to start the server by running the ant server command in a prompt just gave me a list of unresolved dependencies. That was very sad.
After some more google searching I found that this distribution of red5 was missing some config files. The one particularly important was ivysettings.xml. I found it in the project’s repository: Dowloaded all the ivy*.xml files, just to be sure.
Managed to start the server, but unfortunately saw the following flash output:
“No scope “demo” on this server”
Again, very sad.
Tripple checked everything – seemed to be ok.
Sniffed around the existing demos, to find a valid scope. The bandwidth test application provided me with one – bwcheck. Connecting to rtmp://localhost/bwcheck instead of rtmp://localhost/demo showed:
description : Connection succeeded.
code : NetConnection.Connect.Success

This was sort of a good start.

Time for intensive google search.
I found that a LOT of people where screaming for help, having the same issues with this distribution.
The most obvious thing to do was to try an older server version.
Tried version 0.6.3, windows instalation.
Very happy to see that everything works just fine! I mean, just copy the new files in webapps directory, restart the server (the red5 service, in my case) and TA-DAAA.

Great! But what about red5 0.7? Why doesn’t it work as it should? Did anyone manage to create an application without encountering tons of errors?

I decided to test the version that resides in the repository.
SVN checkout, ant build – worked fine.
Tried to run red5.bat, it threw a lot of exceptions but eventualy started up. (I have no knowledge of creating new windows services)
Copied the necessary files in webapps directory, started the server again, tested the flash movie – SUCCESS ! 😐

Even though 0.7 has some new features and bugfixes, use 0.6.3, at least I will. Or, use the SVN version of 0.7 (but I won’t).
And yes, write to asking for better releases!

Red5 is fun 🙂



  1. version 0.7 of red5 is not a stable release so you use it at your own risk the same applies for svn version.
    i agree with you about recommend to use red5 0.6

    Have you seen the red5 mailing list ?
    its full of requests , i think it will be better to contribute instead of asking for improvements, after all red5 is open source 🙂

  2. I had the same trouble with the out-of-the-box 0.70 release of Red 5. After spending hours with Red5 0.70 and the infamous InvalidApp error, I got my first Application working, based on Milan Toths tutorial “Getting Started With Red5 Server”.

    After finishing the tutorial, I ended up following the instructions here:

    Then I created a jar (including the classes and ressources) of my WEB-INF content and put that into my WEB-INF/lib directory.

    Finally, I added the following jars to that directory (copy them from the sample dirs):


    Restart the server, and then launch your Flash Client. Now, everything should work as expected.

    I don’t know if this helps to get rid of the InvalidApp in all situations, but it definitely helped me 🙂

  3. I struggled through Red5 too, with the tutorials not referencing which version and wondering if it made a difference.
    Having to install eclipse and learning all about Java.

    The video tutorials for Red5 at

    work with release 0.7.

    You just have to ignore the ANT stuff as Eclipse compiles everything for you.

    The only thing I changed was in the build.xml but I just copy and pasted the references to oflaDemo and changed them to the name of my application (as in the tutorial – demo/)

    The suckiest problem was with the

    No scope “demo” on this server – error

    Two major things seemed to help me:

    1) When you install red5 0.7 it runs automatically.

    2) When you change your java files you have to restart (which rebuilds) the Red5 server.

    For some reason the ‘start red5’ thingy in the program menu doesn’t do a rebuild.

    So I used the ‘red5.bat’ and it seems that file loads red5 and forces a rebuild.

    Then it worked!!!
    And it was nothing to do with all the mysterious new Java stuff which now thankfully seems really simple.

  4. Aaagh, I spent whole day trying to understand what am I doing wrong while testing 0.8 and 0.7. And answer is simple: I just had to try 0.6 instead 😀
    Thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks dear. for sharing your feelings. Requested a tutorial on how to install and make latesr red5 working.

  6. You’re the man. Now everything works just fine. Definitely 0.6.3

  7. Hello there, i am using 6.0 because i have tried basically all of them and examples misisng.

    Anyways, the first time i installed the examples worked but i was told there was a setting in the installation that i may have skipped, i uninstalled then reinstalled and now the examples don’t work because it doesn’t connect anymore. what do i do???

    also i want to know how to make my own “application” on my website.

  8. Here is an article how to write red5 application (video chat example)

  9. Hi,

    i have installed red5 on my server its running file on my ip but when i want to access it from different location it gives me error.

    please help………

  10. great article and very powerful explanation. you know how i have struggled for serveral weeks only to create my own red5 / flex video chat application for one of my lyrics site. then someone posted a link to freedevelopment dot net. i tried it there, and the guy was very specific just like how you broke every thing down. you have really created a great article to spark from comments. thanks.

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