About Me

SmackMe 🙂

That’s my nickname.

I decided to start this blog when I figured that we are not alone in this Universe ( kidding 🙂 ) and that there is so much stuff Macromedia/Adobe left undocumented. I Also wanted to share some of my experience and, why not, sitck in some thoughts here and there.



  1. So ….you are from romania?!

  2. CUm ti-ai dat seama 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I am the founder / CEO for 360 Degree Interactive, a Chennai, India based interactive marketing solutions agency. We are looking at having some Flash/Flex application designer. We are looking at a designer/developer who are good at Actionscript 2.0 / 3.0 for our various projects. There are couple of Rich Internet Applications we gotta build for our own as well as for our clients. I come across your profile via Actionscripts.org and if you are interested, we can take up a skype call.

    My skype id is ‘rlnarain’

    Thanks and looking forward.

  4. hello,
    We are working on a really exiting project. We need a really good flash programmer.could you help us find one or do you have some free time.

  5. Salutare,
    Am vrut doar sa iti spun ca blogul tau e foarte interesant si folositor:) Keep up the good work;)

  6. I have a question about flash that no one can answer, can you?
    in flash cs3 i cannot import graphics to stage, i get a black speckled outline box that when clicked, turns green or red.????????????????????????????????????????????????can you help me please

  7. I have looked over you blog regarding CS3 components. I agree with the lack of documentation in many of the Adobe products.

    I’m new to Flash CS4 (with some experience with the old mx) and wonder there has been any improvements in building components since CS3?

    I wish to build a reusable button that expands in size when the mouse is in the over state. I do not want to add AS to each button that is placed on the scene.


  8. Hi SmackMe

    I am just wondering if you can show me how to skin and tween any component in Flash 9 CS3 in AS3………
    using both UI on stage and through proggramic actio script…..

    as i am new to CS3

    Thank You

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